The Whole Estate is a household and estate organizing company that was created for the simple purpose of helping families with the daunting tasks that are often left when there is a family loss, the relocation of a family member, or just the need for de-cluttering and reorganizing for a fresh clean start.


We are Donna Atkinson and Courtney Robinson, founders of The Whole Estate. The birth of the company was originated from our own family’s personal experience. With the unexpected loss of our Mom, we were left with the amazing assignment of helping Dad with the disbursement of mom’s personal belongings. Although there were four of us to help, we found out quickly that we had no idea where to start and what it was that we needed to accomplish.

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For us, this was not only an emotional heartache; it turned out to be a physical one as well. We learned in our own unique healing process, that there is a hope and a renewed sense of life. The Whole Estate is a vision that God has given us to be able to help others have the same experience. In times of loss, change, or the overwhelming feeling of years of “accumulating treasures” we often get stuck, overwhelmed, or simply feel lost and have no idea how to regroup and regain a grip on life.

We would love the opportunity to free your family from the burden of cleaning and organizing your family’s estate and allow you and your family time to deal with the most important issues – family!

Let us help define order and peace at a time when turmoil is the main ingredient. Contact us today to find out how we can help. We’re with you every step of the way!

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