If not now, when

I think this is the proverbial question we all ask our ourselves, and I guess, if we aren’t, maybe we should be – If not now, when?

This terminology is often considered motivational. It makes us stop and ponder the consequences of our daily actions. Are we fulfilling our life’s purpose?

We all start with the same beginning……. we are created in our mother’s womb, to be born at a specific time, at a specific place, for a specific purpose.

Everyone starts the journey of learning to recognize our surroundings, eventually learning to crawl, and then finally walking. It is an amazing concept that the human can transform in such a way, at such a fast speed.

As we grow, we are constantly bombarded with decisions regarding all aspects of life. Choices start simple and as we mature, the questions seem to get a little more entailed. Although, at each stage of life, our life choices somehow meet our current level of expertise.

As I pondered this question in my own life, it made me actually realize that this is the exact concept we need to use with our aging loved ones. We are all running through life at unimaginable speeds and without realizing it, our circumstances and surroundings are changing as well.

Years are flying by, and although we are finding ways to live healthier, happier lives, we will all be faced with what to do when we grow older. Will we have enough money? Will we want to live in the original family home or move to a retirement community? Will we want to be closer to family members?

Listed below are a few questions we should take the time to stop and ask:

  1. What are the desires of the aging parents or family member’s heartfelt wishes? I believe that this is the most important place to start.
  2. Will health play a factor in determining a place of residence? Often, health issues can be the deciding factor to whether the loved one can continue to live at home or would be better cared for in a facility with around the clock care.
  3. Will the family member be able to financially continue in the direction they are currently living? Are their current living conditions conducive to their current needs?
  4. What factors would be the deciding point to bring about change?
    I have only mentioned a few questions in order to get the thought processes going.

Each family is different in their abilities to provide for the ones they love. We should all make it our responsibility though to ask the questions.

With the same enthusiasm we had in helping our little ones learn to crawl and walk, we need to support and encourage our aging loved ones.

We must remember that we are all called to run the race with perseverance and there is no age that will disqualify us from the race. No race is complete until the finish line has been crossed.

At The Whole Estate, we feel every life lived is a story worthy to be told. This stage of life is sometimes overwhelming, and we would love the opportunity to help.

So, remember, ask the hard questions. Spend time with the ones you love and understand their true hearts’ desires.

If they are content with staying where they are and don’t want to change living conditions and they are safe, then maybe the only question left is – ok, if not now, when?

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